About me and my Counselling and Hypnotherapy in Norwich, Norfolk

I am a hypnotherapist & counsellor/ psychotherapist  working from Stoke Holy Cross, 5 miles south of Norwich, Norfolk. It is peaceful, easy to find and has the benefit of free parking.

My training at the UEA Norwich was in hypnotherapy & a wide range of counselling approaches. I qualified in both therapies,  because the  two therapies compliment each other.  2021 is my 8th year working as a therapist.

I am experienced in a range of approaches including psycho dynamic and solution focussed therapy. So will adapt to suit my clients.  Hypnotherapy is the right therapy for some people, but  counselling is more suitable for others, so I offer both.

My clients suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, comfort eating /weight control problems, depression & bereavement. Many clients are needing help with covid and lockdown concerns.

We find the real reasons for your problems and put them in the past where they belong, so  we take away their power.  I find out why you comfort eat, where it came from,  because we need to  treat the cause, not just the symptoms.

My previous work experience allows me to help prepare for exams /job interviews or to deal with work problems, I shall improve your confidence and self esteem.

Counselling helps me to understand YOU, so I write effective hypnotherapy scripts that YOU need!  So, if your mind is stuck with trying to work things out, because you replay conversations or catastrophize, I can help you change those habits.

I am a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society and National Counselling Society and I am fully insured.