I decided to try Hypnotherapy to try and help me lose weight as all other attempts had failed. I was eating way too much rubbish, especially chocolate and biscuits, and did not know how to stop.
I have had five sessions with Carol and since session one I have not eaten a single chocolate, sweet, cake or cookie. Nor have I had the desire to do so. I just do not want to eat those things which is amazing as I relied on them before as a kind of coping strategy. She has helped me feel in control of my eating and my situation. The weight is coming off and I feel strong and determined. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Thanks Carol. Amazing sleep quality last night and feel calm and refreshed today ­ almost as if I’d been on holiday. Team have already commented…Chose not to eat proffered chocolates last night. It was odd, but I just didn’t fancy them ;­)Looking forward to our next appointment ­ hope the effects last…


Thank you so much Carol for genuinely changing my life in 5 sessions. I was rapidly gaining weight through compulsive over-eating and now the weight is steadily going and I look forward to making healthy choices at mealtimes, with the odd treat! I’m really looking forward to getting back to my pre-children shape and knowing that this time I won’t be piling the weight back on again. Your intuitive and genuinely-interested nature has made this a really enjoyable journey. I was sceptical about hypnotherapy working for me but it’s been my best decision of 2016 so far!  March 2016

Carol, little did I realise when I emailed you just what a difference you would make. I wasn’t sure if hypnotherapy was for me and contacted you originally as I had weight I just couldn’t lose. You quickly realised that there was far more going on under the surface and set about dealing with the death of my father and my mother’s disability before moving on to deal with my weight issues.
You helped me see the way forward when I hadn’t even realised I was at a crossroads. Without your helping me deal with my bereavement issues I don’t believe that I would be any closer to my goals than I was at the time of my father’s death.
Subsequently, when I went on holiday, a time when I could easily put on 12 or 14 pounds in a fortnight I actually gained 41/2lbs which disappeared as easily and as quickly as it appeared as I no longer need the psychological crutch of the sweet nutritionally empty rubbish I ate in excess. I am now well on my way to reaching my goal weight.


I just wanted to thank you. The work that we did has set me on a good path. I have managed to stick to a new exercise routine for 6 weeks and I am now on week 7. Also I have now stuck to the keto diet for a week and I am going strong into week 2. None of which I was able to stick to before I came to you. I have lost 11 lbs. I don’t stress eat any more and I an fully focussed on becoming a fitter healthier me.


Hi Carol. I would just like to thank you for your recent treatment, I am very pleased to say that my insomnia problem that you treated me for now seems to be a thing of the past. I am so glad I came to you and could recomend you to everyone. Once again thank you so much. Trish


I started having Hypnotherapy with Carol because of bad sleeping patterns and nightmares. I can honestly say it has changed my life. I got to the point it was every night with bad night terrors and now I don’t get any. I feel so much better going to bed and making time for myself to relax before bed. Carol is a wonderful woman and a very kind natured person. Very easy to talk to and open up to. If anyone has anything playing on their minds, or bad habits. She is your lady! Thank you for everything. Especially getting my sleeping back on track!  May 2016


Carol has changed my outlook on life.
She patiently worked with me, listened and enabled me to have a happy healthy mindset.  After just a few sessions she helped me to accept the past and leave it there.  The future became a exciting chapter.  Only 2 to 3 months later I felt completely different to the person I was.  I had the best family holiday that year, no rows!
A further few months in and I received a promotion at work. I was confident at last.

I now have a positive outlook on life and most of all I enjoy it.

I thoroughly recommend her friendly approach, and expertise. You can talk about anything.” FEB 2019

March 2016
I started seeing Carol this year after realising I needed some help, I lost my mum who was not just my mum but my best friend 3 years earlier and was finding it really hard to function properly. I got to the point where I didn’t want to get out of bed, let alone go to work and could not carry on pretending to be the happy, smiley me. Carol was recommended to me and it took me a little while to pluck up the courage to contact her, but I have never looked back. My sessions with Carol have changed my life considerably, the counselling and the hypnotherapy have helped me enormously, in the first instance I didn’t stop crying , but that was my grief finally coming out.I was also anxious, something I have not suffered with before., I still get this sometimes, but Carol has taught me how to deal with it and it gets easier each time. I look forward rather than back now and I have started to get excited about things again.
Although my sessions have reduced down to once a month now, rather than weekly, I am planning on carrying on for a while, as I really look forward to our sessions and whenever I leave I look up rather than down now!  I would like to say a HUGE thank you to you Carol and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

I much enjoyed my hypnotherapy sessions with Carol Sanders and have no hesitation in recommending her. She’s perceptive, easy to talk to and has a soft voice that is perfectly-suited to the narration she provides in the sessions. The grief that was dragging me down now feels a long, long way away. I feel calmer, lighter, more peaceful and more focused.

I have been seeing Carol for a few months,initially weekly, reducing as I got stronger to fortnightly and then monthly. I was in a bad place but Carol listened and with her help, counselling and hypnosis I came through the other side and can now cope. Once I was feeling better I started to focus on my smoking. I knew there was a pattern ( when I got up, after a meal, with a drink or when I was bored). So I started to leave my cigarettes in another room and found I could not be bothered to keep getting up to go and get them, so I started cutting down. I spoke with Carol about this and we agreed I would continue with this until I was ready for Carol to help me. The next time I saw Carol I was really pleased with myself as I had not had a cigarette for 10 days but was really struggling. We agreed it was time for Carol to work her magic again and include the stop smoking for good in my hypnotherapy session. I am pleased to say it has been 6 weeks since I had a cigarette. Yes I do occasionally think about cigarettes, but with Carols help I can now push these thoughts out of my head. Carol has changed my life for the better in so many ways.
Thank you Carol.
14th Oct, 2014
I have suffered with increasingly debilitating anxiety and stress for the past 5yrs, and during that time I have tried many different therapies to try to manage this. My sessions with Carol, have been by far and away the most successful I have tried, and genuinely feel I have made real in ­roads into recovery and can finally start to move forward with my life!
Overall Rating: 5 out of 5
Success: 5 out of 5
Would Recommend: 5 out of 5


Before I went to see Carol I’d lost my confidence and felt anxious a lot of the time. I constantly worried that I was not good enough, although I strove for perfection. It bothered me what people thought of me.I experienced anxiety attacks, restlessness and found it virtually impossible to relax.
At night, unable to sleep, I would lie awake worrying about anything and everything. After the first treatment I started to feel a little less anxious.I had 3 sessions and found I no longer had anxiety attacks. My confidence improved and I started to sleep much better. Overall feeling much more relaxed and content.With Carol’s help my life has improved . I would definitely recommend her.


When I first met Carol I was negative and resentful. I was resentful about everything! 

Carol has changed my outlook on life. She patiently worked with me, listened and enabled me to have a happy healthy mindset.  After just a few sessions she helped me to accept the past and leave it there.  The future became a exciting chapter.  Only 2 to 3 months later I felt completely different to the person I was.  I had the best family holiday that year, no rows!

A further few months in and I received a promotion at work. I was confident at last. I now have a positive outlook on life and most of all I enjoy it.

I thoroughly recommend her friendly approach, and expertise. You can talk about anything.”   Feb 19


I began seeing Carol because of low mood and anxiety and after my sessions I feel like a different person! She was so patient with me and helped to build my confidence. The hypnotherapy was also a great help and left me feeling relaxed afterwards. I’m now able to recognise what emotion I am feeling and no longer feel overwhelmed and anxious all the time. I would definitely recommend Carol and can’t thank her enough for improving my life.


After months of suffering from depression and anxiety and living on anti-depressants I decided that if I was to move forward I needed help. I searched online to see if I could find someone local to me who might be able to help, I found Carol, contacted her explaining my situation and within hours she responded and arranged a meeting. I have to say this was the best move I have ever made.
Since Carol came into my life she has listened to me and used hypnotherapy to relax me which has really helped making me talk about things I found difficult to share with anyone. Also I was able to sort things out in my head and make sense of what was happening to me.
Now I feel like a different person able to actually talk to people about how I feel and not hide behind the depression anymore.
Thank you Carol for giving me my life back. Dec 2015

6 months ago I thought I had hit rock bottom. My dad had cancer, my relationship had broken down and my job stressors were affecting me day to day. I was haunted by the past and scared for the future. By chance my mum heard Carol on the radio. Little did I know that she would be the person to help me find myself again. She is one of the most open and honest, kind and funny people I’ve met. I immediately fell at ease. She’s helped me get my life back on track. She’s incredible and I cannot thank her enough. She has worked through things I never thought I could ever move on from. Her hypnotherapy has allowed me to relax, finally. Thanks to carol I’m Charlotte again.
Jan 2016.
ANXIETY 7.1.19
I went to see Carol as I was suffering from what was becoming a debilitating anxiety and i was also terrified of possible outcomes of an upcoming doctor’s appointment. From the first appointment/my consultation, I felt a little calmer and more positive, then over a few weeks, with a combination of skilful counselling and hypnotherapy, Carol calmed my nerves and helped me to uncover and face anxieties, feelings and experiences which I had carried with me as silent, secret burdens for most of my life. I have now been able to release those burdens and truly feel as though my life is about to change for the better, with much less anxiety and fear holding me back and the physical symptoms of my anxiety have disappeared. A surprising and cleansing experience. I highly recommend Carol.

Hi Carol,
After just 3 lessons!! I have gone from a non swimmer who never ventured out of her depth: to someone who has just completed 3 lengths of the pool, with real ease and confidence. I am utterly convinced the hypnotherapy helped to keep me relaxed and be excited to learn to swim.
I don’t know how to thank you for making this possible. My sincerest Thanks

“I just wanted to let you know i have given birth to a beautiful baby girl, with a little gas and air and a lot of deep breathing and relaxation. Thank you Carol!”